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AMIKO HD-8200 and series Software / Firmware

  • ( last update : 2017.01.02. )

    AMIKO HD8200 Galaxy 1.7.20 by Dekolte

    Download-3 , Download-4


    AMIKO HD8200 1.7.10 mcas


    AMIKO HD8200 1.7.10 emu





    • MPEG-Fully DVB-S / DVB-S2 / DVB-C / DVB-T / DVB-T2 HD compliant
    • Conax Embedded with Common Interface (depending on model)
    • 5000 channels (TV and Radio) programmable
    • Satellite Blind-Scan support
    • Two High Speed USB 2.0 Connections
    • Ethernet (depending on model) & USB WiFi Support (Ralink RT5370 chip only)
    • YouTube videos
    • RSS Reader & Weather Forecast Functions (Ethernet or WiFi connection required)
    • S/PDIF for digital audio or Dolby Digital Bit-Stream output
    • DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS Compatible
    • Full HD (1080p) Output via HDMI
    • Channel Recording to External Storage Devices
    • Timeshift support
    • Channel Recording & Timeshifting Simulteniously (optional)
    • Channel switching time less than 1 second
    • True-color, User Friendly On-Screen Display (OSD)
    • Full Picture In Graphic (PIG) function
    • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for on screen channel information
    • Subtitle supported
    • Teletext supported by VBI insertion and software emulation
    • Parental lock facility by channel and program event
    • Program and Channel information transfer from receiver to receiver
    • Exciting games embedded
    • Multi-Language support
    • 4 Digit LED Display
    • RTC (Real-Time-Clock)
    • Power Consumption in Stand-By: <0.5W

  • Tuner & Demodulation
    Tuner Type: DVB-S / DVB-S2
    Input Connector: F-type, Connector, Female
    Loop Through: F-type, Connector, Female
    Signal Level: -65 to -25 dBm
    LNB Power & Polarization: Vertical: +13V/+14V,
    Horizontal: +18V/+19V
    Current: Max. 500mA
    Overload Protection
    22KHz Tone Frequency: 22±1KHz
    DiSEqC Control: Version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, USALS
    Demodulation: QPSK, 8PSK
    Input Symbol Rate: 2-45 Mbps,
    FEC: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and Auto

    Tuner Type: DVB-C
    Input Connector: F-type, Connector, Female/IEC-Type, Connector, Female
    Loop Through: F-type, Connector, Female/IEC-Type, Connector, Male
    Frequency Range: 47-862MHZ
    Signal Level: “-20dBMV to +20dBMV”
    Bandwidth: 8MHZ
    Demodulation: QAM
    Constellations: 8,16,32,64,128,256
    Input Symbol Rate: 1.5 – 7 Ms/s

    System Resources
    Main Processor: 400MHz based CPU
    Flash Memory: 64MBits
    DDR RAM: 1024Mbits


    MPEG TS A/V Decoding
    Transport Stream: MPEG-2, H.264
    Input Rate: Max.120Mbit/s
    Aspect Radio: 4:3, 16:9, Letter Box
    Video Decoding: MPEG-2, MP@ML, MPEG-4 part 10/H264
    Video Resolution: 720*480P/I, 720*576P/I, 1280*720p, 1920*1080i, 1920*1080p
    Audio Decoding: MPEG-1 layer I/II, MPEG-2 layer II, Dolby digital
    Audio Mode: Left / Right / Stereo/ Mono
    Sampling Rate: 32, 44.1 and 48KHz

    Power Supply
    Input Voltage: Free Voltage (100-250V AC 50/60Hz)
    Power Consumption: 30W Max
    Stand-By Power Consumption: <0.5W

    A/V & Data Input/Output
    TV-SCART: Video CVBS/RGB output,
    Audio L/R output
    RCA A/V: Video CVBS output,
    Audio L/R output
    S/PDIF: Optical & Coaxial, Digital Audio or Dolby Digital Bit Stream Output
    RS-232C: Transfer rate 115.2Kbps,
    9 pin D-sub Type
    USB: Two USB 2.0 slots
    HDMI: VER1.2, Type A
    Ethernet: 10/100M RJ45 (optional)

    Physical Specifications
    Size[W*H*D]: 220mm*40mm*160mm
    Net Weight: 1.0KG
    Operation Temperature: 0°C~+45°C
    Storage Temperature: -10°C~+70°C
    Storage Humidity: 5%~95% RH (Non-Condensing)

  • Upgrade from USB
    Backup as per above instructions.
    Download file (link) and unzip and place the file onthe root of a flashdrive.
    Go to Menu > System > Upgrade by USB > Software (No channel list) > OK
    STB will reboot after loading.
    Firmware update via HTTP
    Amiko HD-8240 Online Update Instructions
    Amiko HD-8240 has enabled the HTTP online update function in our 3606 based STB’s
    running 1.4.78 and newer firmware. This allows your STB to download and install new
    firmware with a few button pushes.
    Before doing any update you should make a backup of your current firmware, channels
    and settings.

    1. Plug in a USB flash drive to the STB.
    2. Go to MENU > SYSTEM > BACKUP TO USB and press OK.
    3. Arrow down to “Backup to USB” and press OK. This makes a backup copy of your
    channel list and settings.

    Online update instructions

    HTTP adress from our site :


    (for Amiko HD8200 1.6.57 version)

    1. Be sure you have an active internet connection to your STB.
    3. Upgrade mode will normally be “Software (no Channel list)” If a different mode
    needs to be used special instructions will be posted.
    4. Press the RED key on your remote control. The STB will connect to our server and
    start downloading the current firmware. Once complete the firmware will update
    and your STB will reboot. If using the “Software (no Channel list)” upgrade type all
    of your settings, satellites and channels will remain intact.
    How to determine if there is new firmware available
    When you press the RED key to update you will see the below screen. The second
    number under old version and new version is the firmware version. The last 4 numbers
    are the actual version. In this example you see 1478 which is firmware 1.4.78. Since the
    old and new read 1478 your firmware is current. You can press the MENU or EXIT key to
    abort anytime during the download portion.



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