GT media Tools, Editors, Softwares

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no,Box Name,Added,Download Link,How to
1,GTMedia V7 V8 DB Editor,2020.09.03,LINK
2,GTMedia V7 V8 Refresh Tool,2020.08.20,LINK,LINK
3,Ali DB Editor Release,2020.12.05,LINK
4,How To update V7 V8 via PC,2019.12.01,LINK
5,RS232 tool V7 V8 SuperGolden V1.3,2020.08.01,LINK
6,RS232 tool V7 V8 SuperGolden V2.22,2020.11.01,LINK

Tools, editors , software and firmware for GTMedia – Freesat receivers:

  • Ali DBEditor V1.3 for V8UHD / V9 SUPER / V8Finder-METER – download link
  • GT Media DB Editor for models: V7HD, V7COMBO, V8Golden, V8SUPER, V7S, V7PLUS, TTPRO, V8NOVA, V8PRO2, V8X – download link
  • Tool for refresh SW – V7S/V7PLUS/TTpro/V8NOVA/V8HONOR/V8PRO2 (please read the documentation carefully) – download link
  • GTMedia GTC DB Tool – download link (install GTMedia tool on your computer and open the DB XML file for editing)
  • PC update tool for GTMedia / Freesat V8 Golden / V8 Super via Network download link


GT Media V7 and V8 Series product guide

How to backup – update firmware,channel, softc*mDownload link
How to Record TS StreamDownload link
How to put CCCamDownload link
How to Enable Hidden MenuDownload link
How to connect WiFiDownload link
Instructions for setting upDownload link

GT Media V8 series product guide

V8X – Search Channel operation guideDownload link
V8X – Multiroom Operation GuideDownload link
How to put S*ftC*mK*yDownload link
How to input IPTV Account – 1Download link
How to input IPTV Account – 2Download link
How to importt IPTV listDownload link
How to copy remote buttonsDownload link
How to Save Favorite ChannelsDownload link

GT Media V9 Super product guide

V9 Super – How to put CCCamDownload link
V9 Super – How to Import IPTV (WEB TV) listDownload link